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Dating coach

Release date: TBD 

What started out as a mutually beneficial agreement, (she does his assignments, he gets her the guy of her dreams), spirals out of control when unwanted feelings begin to develop and tensions arise.


Love triangle 

Bad boy romance 

Opposites attract

Dating Coach bookcover By Fervid Stories

Chef's kiss

Release date: TBD

The saying goes, "The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach". But what happens when a go-getter chef gets more than she bargained for when accepting a job at the billionaire, playboy's, Jacob Reice estate? 


Grumpy/ sunshine

Billionaire romance 

Workplace romance 

Chef's kiss bookcover By Fervid Stories


Release date: TBD

You can't help who you fall for. This was what he told himself every time he felt guilty at the erratic way his heart palpitated whenever she came too close. All signs said no. He was her employer, she was taken and showed no signs of interest yet, he couldn't help desire her.


Office romance 

Friends to lovers

Forbidden romance

Infatuated bookcover By Fervid Stories

Mine for the night

Release date: TBD

When she finds out that her friend was secretly hooking up with her long-term crush, something in her snaps. Revenge was the only thing on her mind and she is so good at it. 


Fake dating

Best friend's brother

Mine for the night By Fervid Stories
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